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Tuesday, August 13, 2019


What does Java mean?

Java is one of the programming languages. Java programs are work on any platform like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Java was developed by James A. Gosling in the mid of 1990s.

Why We use Java?
  • Java is a platform-independent language.
  • Java is a free programming language.
  • Speed Language.
  • Garbage Language it means java will delete unwanted spaces in the coding.

How to install Java?
  • Java is a free language base on oracle. In their oracle java website, we will download java.

How to set the path to java?

  • Step 1 
    • Open This pc
  • Step 2
    • Open Local Disk C

  • Step 3
    • Go to Program Files

  • Step 4
    • Click on Java

  • Step 5
    • Click on JDK

  • Step 6
    • Open bin

  • Step 7
    • Copy the URL

  • Step 8
    • Come to Desktop and Right-click on This pc and click Properties

  • Step 9 
    • Click Advanced system settings

  • Step 10
    • Click Environment Variables.

  • Step 11 
    • Click New or Edit...

  • Step 12
    • Variable name: Path 
    • Variable value: Paste that URL 

    • Step 13 

  • Step 14 Open cmd and type javac

  • Step 15  Now Java is working

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